A Unique, Vintage Vanity Can Bring Style and Substance To Your Bathroom

Thinking about how to improve your bathroom has a lot of options. Sleek, modern designs can be found on every Pinterest page or in Youtube tutorials. However, what some people may not think about is adding a vintage bathroom vanity to their room. With Victorian-inspired designs, or charming 1950s veneers, an antique bathroom vanity can add elegance to what might normally be just a normal bathroom vanity. Here is a guide to what makes a vintage vanity different than traditional bathrooms.

Elegance Combined with a Nostalgic Charm

Replacing a modern or worn out vanity with a vintage or antique livens up a room and evokes memories of years past. Even a distressed vanity has its own unique look of windswept, sunbleached or worn-out wood. These may not be the most sophisticated vanities but they have a level of charm punctuated by nostalgia that can craft its own atmosphere in your bathroom. If the newest or most modern isn't called for in your bathroom, it may be worth looking at one of these older, inspired vanity options.

Finding a Piece to Fit Any Bathroom

Styles are made to fit together, but if a vintage vanity can have a space in your bathroom, it's possible to find the perfect piece that doesn't necessarily fit all of the rest of the decor. In many cases, it can become its own centerpiece, with cabinet doors inspired by shutters, or a molding on the side reminiscent of a young lady's jewelry or makeup table from seventy years ago. It can bring up thoughts of gorgeous spired houses in turn of the century London and even something an older family member may have owned.

Comparable Costs to Traditional Vanities

While some of the more higher-end antique pieces may have higher prices attached, smaller or vanities with fewer details and amenities can be the same cost or lower than a traditional vanity set. Being able to find your perfect vanity doesn't have to cost more than a modern one.

No Need to Go Out of Your Way

While special vanity sets can be found only in unique places and stores, a lot of replica vanities can be found in the same locations you may normally look for home furnishings. Websites now have antique and vintage sections dedicated to nostalgia-inspired pieces and can send them directly to your door.

If unique style with an old-time charm is what you're looking for next, consider an antique, vintage or distressed bathroom vanity. At a comparable cost, you'll get the function you need with a gorgeous covering you'll love.